What wrinkles? Meet the Murad Retinol HydraFacial Booster!

Something we've been loving at Transformed Med Spa recently, the Murad Retinol HydraFacial Booster! This booster is part of the Collagen Enhancing HydraFacial, but cannot be used on ALL skin types. During your consult, or before your appointment, we will assess your skin to make sure it can handle the retinol booster.


What's not to love about retinol? It's the best antiaging product in the market  because it helps reduce acne, fades away hyperpigmentation, helps circulate the blood, decreases oil production, helps build collagen to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.


The Booster

This booster is filled with amazing antiaging ingredients like retinol tri-active technology, micronized collagen peptides, glycolic acid. With this booster we see...


Sounds great, right? Click HERE to book your Collagen Enhancing HydraFacial now! 

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