The Science and Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage

One of the most popular HydraFacials we offer is our Collagen Enhancing HydraFacial.

Why? Because it includes Lymphatic Drainage! Lymphatic Drainage is a game-changer when it comes to not only the appearance of your skin but the health of your skin.

What is Lymphatic Drainage?

Lymphatic Drainage is a process where lymph nodes are drained through a series of movements on the face. At Transformed Med Spa, we use a clean glass tube for these movements and perform this step prior to the HydraFacial cleansing and extraction.

The Lymphatic system is considered the body’s “second circulatory system” and is made up of lymph, lymph nodes, and lymph vessels. Lymph nodes are small glands that carry fluid, nutrients, and body waste from the body tissue and contain lymphocytes (white blood cells) that help the body fight infection and disease. The Lymphatic system is a crucial part of your immune system, and a functioning lymphatic system is key to healthy skin and healthy life. When anything disrupts this system like bacteria or toxins, fluid starts to build.


The Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage

What else is part of the Collagen Enhancing HydraFacial?

In addition to Lymphatic Drainage, you receive a full HydraFacial with a ReGen Booster! The ReGen Booster is designed to boost collagen and elastin production, diminish the appearance of fine lines, captures and removes toxins and irritants.


Want to experience the magic of the Collagen Enhancing HydraFacial? Click HERE to book! 

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