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The Perfect Derma Peel

What is the Perfect Derma Peel?

The Perfect Derma Peel's exclusive formulation provides superior results for aging skin, acne, melasma, hyperpigmentation, and many common skin concerns. It is also virtually painless with little downtime and offers a smooth, consistent peeling process for all skin types and ethnicities.


The Application

The peel, which includes powerful ingredients like TCA, Kojic Acid, Retinoic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Phenol, Vitamin C and anti oxidant Glutathione, only takes around 15 minutes to apply.


The Process

Day One: 

You leave with the peel ON and it stays on for 6 hours! Your skin may appear a little red or sometimes darker. Do NOT wash, touch, or apply makeup to the face or treated area for 6 hours. After 6 hours, you may use Perfect Derma Moisturizer (included in your take-home kit!) if your skin is beginning to feel irritated.

Day Two:

You can gently wash and dry your skin and use the post-peel towelette given to you (am & pm). Your skin will probably be a little pink and itchy. On the second day (but NOT the first) you can wear makeup if you choose.

Day Three:

The first day of peeling (usually starts around the nose and mouth due to consistent facial movements) begins and your skin will feel very tight. The Perfect Derma Peel moisturizer from your take-home kit will help relieve some of the tightness.

Day Four:

Your skin will experience more peeling and remain itchy and tight.

Day Five:

Your entire face (cheeks, forehead, upper neck) will begin to peel.

Day Six:

So much peeling! We know this looks crazy, but don't freak out! This much peeling is normal :)

Day Seven:

Overall you're done peeling but you may be flaky and some areas. Continue to wear SPF! 

Day Eight:

Almost done flaking and your new, brighter and evenly toned skin begins to shine through!

Want more information about the Perfect Derma Peel? Click HERE to read our FAQ and book!

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