Find our what service matches your skincare resolution!

Ringing in a new year means refreshing our habits. While diet and exercise may be on the table, don’t forget to get your skincare routine in better shape too. Here are three treatments that will align with your 2022 skincare resolutions and intentions.

Resolution #1 – Battling acne & improving overall skin health

If your goal is clearer, healthier skin, we recommend incorporating monthly Hydrafacials to your routine. This 30 minute treatment cleans and exfoliates dead skin, build-up and toxins from the surface to give you a brighter tone, smoother texture and a healthy glow.


Resolution #2  – Eliminating sun damage & signs of aging

Your skin needs extra attention in the winter to erase the summer spent in the sun. So if you want to combat sun damage, opt for an annual Halo Laser treatment during the winter and early spring months. This laser removes the outer layer of your skin, taking age spots, sun spots, and wrinkles with it. Enjoy the results all year long!

Resolution #3  – Muscle Toning

If you plan on incorporating more exercise into your life but would like a little boost, checkout EMsculpt NEO! It is the first device that both burns fat and builds muscles in the abdominals, buttocks, arms, calves and thighs. Booking now at the Med Spa! Call for pricing and booking.


Having good skin starts with good habits and we are here for all your needs in 2022! What are your goals for the year? Call us or book your appointment or consultation online today.

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