Debunking Dermal Filler Myths

Demand for dermal filler has been booming as more clients look to add symmetric volume to their appearance. But misinformation is still swirling. Let's straighten out some of the most common myths we hear:


Myth #1: All dermal fillers are the same.

Fact: Nope! There are numerous fillers, all of which are made from a gel form of hyaluronic acid (HA), but provide different results. When you visit the Med Spa for a consultation, we will tailor a treatment plan that matches your aesthetic goals.

Myth #2: Dermal fillers will make me look obviously different.

Fact: Lets be real - anything in life can be overdone...including filler! But at the Med Spa, we strive for a natural look. Our filler comes in different formats, which allows us to deliver customized results for your beautiful, unique face.

Myth #3: Fillers and Botox are the same.

Fact: While both Botox and filler are both injectable treatments, they’re entirely different substances. If your goal is to smooth fine lines and prevent new wrinkles, Botox is for you. If you want to plump your lips, cheeks, or laugh lines, a filler is your best bet.

Myth #4: Getting filler is painful.

Fact: When done properly, dermal filler feels like a tolerable, quick pinch. Don't avoid fillers for fear of pain based off what someone else has said. Remember, what might be uncomfortable for someone else could be totally bearable for you.

Myth #5: Getting fillers is a procedure that requires ample downtime.

Fact: Recovery time varies, but our clients are able to resume most activities right away. It is recommended that you avoid working out, heat and sun exposure and drinking alcohol for the first 24-48 hours to minimize swelling and bruising.

Filler Myth #6: Filler will stretch out the skin.

Fact: After the body has absorbed the filler, which is usually 9-12 months, the skin recovers and returns to its original state. If you’re seeing our providers at the Med Spa your filler will be done properly and your skin laxity will not change!
Still have questions? Book your complimentary consultation today and find out what your filler journey will look like.

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