Meet Brittney!

Meet Brittney! Our new esthetician at Transformed Med Spa. Yes, this means more HydraFacial availability :) Brittney is an RN LA and has been in a med spa setting for over 14 years performing microdermabrasions, chemical peels, enzyme therapy, microneedling, fat reduction therapy, Laser hair removal, intense pulse light therapy, injectables, fraxel, and so much more! She is a proud mother of two kindergarten irish twin boys and loves a good kitchen dance party.

Read the questionnaire below to get to know Brittney a little more (and get some great skincare advice) and then click HERE to book an appointment with her.

1) What is your favorite part about being an esthetician and Nurse?
I love that I have been able to combine my two skill sets! Being able to make people feel amazing on the outside ultimately helps how they feel on the inside, which is what really matters! Spreading confidence and self love is my favorite part of this industry!
2)  What is your favorite skincare service to give, and what is your favorite to receive?
I’d have to say I love performing HydraFacials! They are relaxing, thorough, and give us that instant gratification of healthy and happy skin. Of course, receiving a HydraFacial is my favorite as well for all the reasons above!!!

3) What is your favorite product that Transformed Med Spa carries and why?
I am new to our Skinceuticals line of products but I’d have to say I’m absolutely in love with our Metacell Renewal and Triple Lipid 2:4:2 creams. They are so hydrating, brightening and very luxurious with a slight hint of lavender. They are sure to hydrate the skin with tons of potent peptides and vitamins!
4) What's the biggest skincare mistake you find clients make?
I find that most clients think if they are oily or acne prone they do not have to moisturize. That is actually the opposite of what is best for their skin. If you have acne or blemish prone skin you will produce more oil. The oil can get trapped under dead skin. If you regularly exfoliate and moisturize your skin it can be balanced. This will lessen the risk of those pesky breakouts and dried out, flaking skin. Remember the essentials for healthy skin, cleanse, exfoliate often, moisturize and protect with SPF!
5) What have you loved about working at Transformed Med Spa so far?
I absolutely love the professional staff that makes up Transformed! The providers are true specialist in their fields. I love the kind clientele and am so excited to bring my experience to the table.
6) If someone is new to Med Spa services and skincare, what do you suggest they start with?
I’d highly recommend starting with a consultation and a HydraFacial! This way we get to know you were skin and can address all your skin care needs. The hydrafacial is an excellent way to introduce your skin to professional treatments and prep the skin for the next step in your customized treatment plan!
7) If you weren't doing this for your career, what would you be doing?
I don’t know what I’d do without Aesthetics in my life! If I wasn’t an aesthetic nurse I’d probably be a labor and delivery nurse. That is the inner cheerleader and calming force I can provide. Or I’d be an interior designer. I love using my aesthetic eye to decorate any room!
8) Favorite music for your kitchen dance parties?
I love anything with a great beat! Country, 80s, rock, oldies, rap or hip hop on on the dance floor! 


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