Let's talk Retinol


Retinol is a topical Vitamin A that promotes cell turnover, improves fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, and helps fight acne.


Although the list of benefits from retinol is long and mighty, the first thing you need to know about using retinol is that you must be patient! We recommend to all our patients that you start by only using it once a week (and NIGHT ONLY) so that your skin can get used to it. Just like everything else in the world, everyone’s skin will react differently to retinol. Those with super sensitive skin may experience some irritation or flakiness, which is why we said you must be patient to see the results of retinol.


Our Skinceuticals Retinol Products

Our trio of Skinceuticals retinol products is meant to be used as building blocks for each other and you see better results when you follow this approach.


Step One: Retinol 0.3 

If you're a first-time retinol user or new to Skinceuticals, we will start you off with retinol 0.3. Although still potent, this night cream has only 0.3% pure retinol which will help get your skin accustomed to it by the time you are ready for Retinol 0.5


Step Two: Retinol 0.5

This cream holds 0.5% of pure retinol and has best results with skin that has been

pre-conditioned with Retinol 0.3! 


Step Three: Retinol 1.0

You've finally made it to Retinol 1.0! This is our highest concentration of retinol that we have available with 1.0% of pure retinol. As we've said before, you will see the best results when you have built your skin tolerance up with retinol 0.3 and 0.5 before using retinol 1.0!


Don't forget, you can take 10% off ALL retinol products during the month of January, or visit us during our Winter Party Saturday, January 25th and take 20% off all products! 

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