Learn what's new in the world of Hydrafacials

If you're new to the world of Hydrafacials, then we recommend you start by reading our previous blog post about them by clicking HERE.


In addition to our basic (and we mean that in a good way) Hydrafacial we now offer a Collagen Enhancing Hydrafacial, an Antioxidant Hydrafacial, and a Brightening Hydrafacial. Each of these target different skincare concerns and can be customized by adding a Hydrafacial Perk.

Collagen Enhancing Hydrafacial

During her time in Orlando, Rebecca learned about Lymphatic Therapy which is used during the Collagen Enhancing Hydrafacial. Lymphatic Therapy helps detoxify the skin by removing toxic buildup that likes to hide underneath your skin. This can also help make your immune system stronger, making it a great treatment to fight cold season. In addition to the benefits of Lymphatic Therapy step, the Collagen Enhancing Hydrafacial stimulates collagen and softens your fine lines.

Brightening Hydrafacial

If you suffer from hyperpigmentation, the Brightening Hydrafacial is for you! During this Hydrafacial we target your brown spots and discoloration through Hydrafacial's Britenol and Brightalive boosters. We recommend this Hydrafacial a few days before any big event that you want to shine at!

Antioxidant Hydrafacial

The Antioxidant Hydrafacial includes a SkinCeuticals Vitamin C masque for firming and giving your skin the antioxidants it needs. We end this Hydrafacial with a Hydrafacial Brightening booster so that you leave with not only clean skin, but glowing skin!


We hope this helps when it comes time to make your Hydrafacial decision! Click HERE to book.

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