Coming December...EMsculpt NEO!

 Coming soon to Transformed Med Spa...EMsculpt NEO!

We are SO excited to soon be offering the EMsculpt NEO! The EMsculpt Neo is the first and only non-invasive body shaping procedure that provides simultaneous fat elimination and muscle building in a combined 30-minute session.

Their clinical studies have shown on average a 30% reduction in subcutaneous fat and a 25% growth in muscle volume. We have tried it ourselves, and all we can say is...WOW!

It’s not just our team that loves this service, model Olivia Culpo and actress Tori Spelling proudly share their love for Emsculpt NEO. 

This service will be available at Transformed Med Spa in the coming weeks. Until then, read the Emsculpt NEO FAQ below to see if this service would be a good fit for you!

 EMsculpt NEO FAQ

What areas can be treated with EMsculpt Neo?

EMsculpt NEO can be applied over the abdomen, buttocks, arms & calves.

What does EMsculpt NEO therapy feel like?

You can feel intense muscle contractions together with a heating sensation in the treated area which is comparable to hot stone massage.

How long does it take to see the final result of EMsculpt NEO procedure?

Each patient's results may vary but the best time to see the final results is in 3 months after the last treatment. 

What is the downtime of EMSCULPT NEO?

There is no downtime with this procedure. You can get back to your daily routine right after the treatment.

What happens to the fat that is eliminated by Emsculpt NEO procedure? Will the fat come back?

After the treatment, the dead fat cells are flushed out from the body through metabolic processes. The rest is flushed out by the body.

Will I lose weight with Emsculpt NEO?

No, Emsculpt NEO procedure does not help with weight reduction. The therapy helps reduce your fat and build your muscles.

How is Emsculpt NEO procedure performed?

Emsculpt NEO procedure is simple and easy. There is no pre-preparation required for this procedure. You will lay down while the applicators are applied over the treatment area for 30 minutes. During the treatment you may feel intense yet tolerable heating sensation along with muscle contractions. Once the procedure is completed, you can immediately get back to your daily routine.

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