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Add Dermaplaning to your next Hydrafacial

Why do you keep hearing about Dermaplaning and seeing it on your Instagram feed? Because Dermaplaning is a quick and non-invasive way to receive true exfoliation!

What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is when your aesthetician gently scrapes the surface of your skin with a surgical scalpel to remove dead skin, peach fuzz, and more. Below, you can see what Rebecca was able to scrape off a client's skin from Dermaplaning!


Why do we love Dermaplaning?

Getting rid of dead skin and peach fuzz will do A LOT for you and your skin. For one, you will automatically look a little brighter once you lose the dead skin. Your makeup will also lay better on your skin after dermaplaning, think of it as the ultimate primer for your foundation.

Did we mention that it also helps with MASKNE? Something we’ve all been struggling with these days. The buildup of dead skin and bacteria can clog your pores, add in wearing a mask all day (a necessity though!) and you get maskne. Dermaplaning helps de-clog your pores and lets your skin breathe a little.


When should you receive Dermaplaning?

For the best results, we recommend adding Dermaplaning to your next Hydrafacial appointment. Just like how Dermaplaning enhances your makeup, it’s going to enhance the results of your Hydrafacial. Beginning the Hydrafacial process with no peach fuzz and a fresh face will make it easier to extract and suck out any gunk still living in your pores. Best part? The post Hydrafacial glow will be even more luminous after Dermaplaning!


Click HERE to book your Dermaplaning + Hydrafacial appointment! 

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