3 Simple Skincare Resolutions to Improve your Skin in 2020!

We want 2020 to be the best year for your skin! Although we believe that for best results you should visit us for routine facials, here are 3 small things you can start doing to to help minimize break outs...


3 Simple Skincare Resolutions to Improve your Skin in 2020

1) Wash your pillow case once a week

You sleep on your pillow case up to 8 hours a day, in that 8 hours your skin oils and bacteria will seep into your pillow case. By not routinely washing your pillow case you're letting that bacteria stay and make contact with your skin every night.

2) Talk on speaker phone as much as you can and/or routinely disinfect your phone

Your phone goes with you everywhere, the car, the grocery store, even the bathroom... You also touch your money multiple times a day after touching other public spaces. Long story short, your phone can be pretty dirty! Instead of always pressing it right up to your cheek when you talk on the phone, try to do more speaker phone conversations instead. We realize that can be hard to do, so we also recommend disinfecting your phone weekly. 


3) Keep calm and DO NOT pick your face

We know it's hard, but this is so important! When you see a blemish and you start to pick, you're making it worse. Not only are you spreading bacteria, but you're setting yourself up for acne scarring. If you feel the need to pick your face we recommend immediately adding a spot treatment (ask us for recommendations) and book a Hydrafacial with us.


We hope 2020 is the best year yet for your skin! Not sure how to start with skincare and routine treatments? Click HERE to book a complimentary consultation with us.  

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